The Riflemans Rifle

The Flip Special - the Original "Rifleman's Rifle"

The rifle we produce is an authentic replica of the famous Winchester rifle used in the western series "The Rifleman" (1958 to 1963) starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford.

Thank you for your interest in the most famous rifle in the history of television westerns. This legendary rifle has become an icon of old western strength and honesty, and is now desired by many who remember those times.

This rifle is now available to the public, (see photos below). Each rifle that I create is exactly like the original one used by Chuck Connors on The Rifleman.

Since the jigs were developed from one of the original rifles used on the show courtesy of Mr. Moe Hunt, I am able to duplicate every feature, right down to the drilled hole for the set screw for rapid fire. The rifles I make are fully functioning, just like on the show. The Winchester rifles I make are in 44-40 caliber just like on the T.V. show.

I learned exactly how to make the authentic Rifleman’s Rifle from Mr. Maurice (Moe) Hunt who knew Chuck Connors for 30 years. He made the last three Rifleman rifles for Chuck Connors. Reportedly, Chuck gave him a rifle from the show which I inherited as a result of handling his estate.

FAQ on our Rifles:

How much does it cost to own a Rifleman's rifle? You may purchase either a lesser priced European real firing replica in .45 caliber or an authentic original antique 1892 Winchester .44-.40 S.R.C. The replica rifles I produce are made from Winchester copies, and are priced at $1,995.00 (FREE shipping and rifle case). For an additional $299.00 I can age the new rifle wood and metal to make it look between 80 to100 years old. Every detail of Lucas McCain's rifle is meticulously duplicated, and this is a fully operational rifle, just like Lucas McCain owned! Personal cash/check payment plans available.

What if I want an original authentic Winchester?
Winchester '92 rifles today in good condition are very costly and becoming harder to obtain. The rifles I custom build may have any degree of finish ware, from looking new unfired to looking like a well-used Westerner’s tool. My rifles are made from authentic original antique .44-.40 S.R.C. Winchesters. Call me for current Winchester pricing at 704-915-2325. Personal cash/check payment plans available.

Do you ship the rifle directly to me? Since this is a firearm transaction, all rifles must legally be transferred to a gun dealer of your choice for delivery to you.

I'd really like to continue and find out more about obtaining a Rifleman’s rifle, how do I do that? Call me at Mike DiMuzio at: 704-915-2325.

We offer two price points for these carefully crafted Rifleman rifles. Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbines in good condition today are very costly, but we maintain and preserve the fine conditions as we customize these into “THE RIFLEMAN’S RIFLE exactly like Lucas McCain’s!

Delivery times vary with each order due to the extensive work involved to prepare your rifle. We want to make sure that each rifle is perfect before being sent out.


HERE ARE PICTURES OF THE RIFLEMAN'S RIFLE REPLICA (note these are with the rapid fire screw fitted ).


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