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Mike DiMuzio, The RiflemanMike DiMuzio biography
by Terry Prince

A devoted, lifelong fan of one of television’s greatest western series, THE RIFLEMAN, starring Chuck Connors, Mike DiMuzio sought over the years to learn all he could about the program. He enjoys sharing trivia about the show’s production and cast, and retelling the colorful stories he’s heard from those closest to this classic show.

Mike is acquainted with two of the sons of Chuck Connors – Jeff and Mike, as well as Johnny Crawford who played “Mark,” the loving son of “Lucas McCain.” He has spoken with them on many occasions. Mike has also been interviewed on radio shows about the program.  He is mostly called upon to share his expertise and information with fans regarding the famous Rifleman’s rifle. He also proudly owns certain rare memorabilia from the show.

This wasn’t enough however. Mike began studying the amazing tricks Chuck Connors had mastered as part of his fascinating character. He even builds his own Rifleman’s rifles and has quite a collection of them. Mike DiMuzio has learned to fast draw, swing cock, and spin cock his original modified ’92 Winchester in the style of Lucas McCain. Amazingly, like Lucas McCain, Mike DiMuzio can perform most of these tricks with either his right OR his left hand – sometimes even performing with two rifles at once!

Presently, the only known performer of these difficult rifle tricks, Mike DiMuzio provides an exciting display of gunmanship as well as entertaining stories sure to lift the heart of any western fan!

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