Welcome to the "Rifleman's Rifle"

I'm Mike DiMuzio, and I've been a Rifleman fan for most of my life. I wanted to create an Online Community for fans of the television series "The Rifleman", starring Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford.

If you loved the show and Lucas McCain's weekly saga as he raised his son Mark and helped out Marshal Micah Torrance from time to time, but most of all if you loved that rifle of his - then this is the site for you!

Mike DiMuzio Rifleman

I've loved the tv show for as long as I can remember. Not just the saga of Lucas and Mark McCain though, I've also loved that rifle for as long. On my site here I'll share with you a little about the show, the rifle, and even how you can own a rifle just like The Rifleman's. Drop me a line, and we can talk about the authentic Rifleman rifles that I make and use.

Rifleman Chuck ConnorsOver the years I've learned a lot about using the rifle just like Chuck Connors did, and I have developed an entertaining demonstration on using the rifle. I'd love to come by your gun show, gun club, SASS meeting, television production, etc and demonstrate the Rifleman's techniques with my authentic Rifleman rifles. Just contact me for details, I'd love to oblige!

I also wanted to create an online community where fans of the tv show and the rifle can get together. This is your site too, a real community for Rifleman fans everywhere. So come on in, pull up a chair by the fire and read all about Chuck, the show, and of course - the rifle!

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